FAQ's and Site Policies

Who can use WholesalePet.com?

WholesalePet.com is free service available to qualified retailers of pet products. Just fill out the required fields in our secure and easy registration form, and you and your business will have immediate access to the wholesale prices and catalogs on this site. WholesalePet.com reserves the right to exclude anyone from site use.

Vendor participation is by invitation only and suppliers must enter into a contractual agreement with WholesalePet.com. Please submit requests and marketing materials to us via email.

What are the benefits of using WholesalePet.com?

Save Time! How much time do you spend every week compiling orders and contacting suppliers? With WholesalePet.com, you have quick and constant access to over 300 vendor catalogs. You can place orders and track shipments every day whenever you please. Reorders are just a few clicks away through your Order History page.

Save Money! In most cases, products ordered through WholesalePet.com are shipped direct from the manufacturer at the absolute lowest wholesale price available. For selected lines not sold direct to dealers, we use a network of specialty distributors who offer competitive pricing, outstanding service and prompt order fulfillment. There are no price mark-ups or additional fees when you order through WholesalePet.com.

Source of New Products! Having access to the hottest new items is vital for your business. With WholesalePet.com you can learn about new products and attend a virtual trade show any time you like, for free.

Peace of Mind! Our goal is to make you happy. We want you to be comfortable using our site and to enjoy the maximum benefit from our service. Our service pledge is to be responsive to customers' needs and to continually improve all areas of our business.

Is using WholesalePet.com safe?

Protecting our clients' secure information is our highest priority. WholesalePet.com utilizes the most advanced security procedures and data encryption techniques available. This website complies with Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards and is constantly monitored to prevent unauthorized access. Every page of WholesalePet.com is hosted on our own Secure Socket Layer server validated and monitored by GeoTrust® to ensure the protection and integrity of your private information. WholesalePet.com never shares or sells our customer information with a third party.

How do I use "Favorites"?

You will notice a favorite heart icon on all products, vendors and previous orders. Clicking on a grey heart will mark these products, vendors or order records as a favorite (green heart) and move them to sections of WholesalePet.com unique to your account. The "Favorites" feature allows you to customize WholesalePet.com, so your preferred products, vendors and orders are just one click away; allowing faster orders and reorders of your most popular products. To remove products, vendors or orders from your "Favorites" pages, just click the corresponding green hearts to turn them grey.

What are product "features", vendor "filters" and "fetch!"?

WholesalePet.com is designed so you can find and compare products you want quickly and easily. When searching by product category, you can use the left hand menu to refine your search results, by keyword, by vendor or by "features". Product "features" include items on sale, eco-friendly products, American products made and other criteria requested by the retailers who use this site. You can also sort products by "most popular", price and title.

From our "All Vendors" page you can filter vendors by various attributes, like those offering specials, those with no minimums and those who drop ship, etc. Our vendor list can also be sorted by most popular, newest and name. The keyword search fields on our Vendors and Brands pages have an auto-fill capability to ensure you will be directed to the exact vendor or brand you are trying to find.

The "FETCH!" keyword search at the top of all site pages uses Lucene™, an advanced search engine technology, to help you find the products, vendors or categories you are seeking. Lucene™ results are intelligently sorted by relevance, and you will have additional filtering capabilities once results are returned.

How do I add/remove items from my cart?

Adding, changing or removing items in your cart is easy. To add products to your cart, enter the number of items or cases in the quantity box and click the "+cart" icon. A quick pop up will show you what has been added to your cart. You will notice the quantity has been updated in your "bowl" in the top right corner of the page without taking you away from the current shopping page.

Clicking on your "bowl" will take you to your cart anytime. You can adjust orders by changing the value in the quantity boxes and clicking "update quantity". You can remove an item by clicking the "x remove from cart" beside the item listing in your cart or entering a quantity of "0" and updating. You can remove an entire vendor order from your cart by clicking the "x remove order from cart" at the bottom of the vendor section.

What is the "Saved for later" cart?

If you have items or vendor orders in your cart that you do not want to purchase right away, clicking on "+ save for later" will move them to an alternate section of your cart. You can view the contents of your "Saved for later" cart by clicking on the tab from your cart page. When you are ready to purchase items or vendor orders in your "Saved for later" cart, click on the "+ add to cart" button and they will be moved back to your active cart and ready for purchase.

How do I submit orders?

When you are ready to purchase the items in your shopping cart, click the "checkout" button. You will be taken to a page where you can enter your payment and shipping information. Your shipping address will auto populate from your account information although you can change this for any order. Once you enter your secure payment information for the first vendor, the "Incomplete Information" bar at the bottom of the vendor section will turn into a green "Continue to Next Vendor" button. Clicking the "Continue to Next Vendor" button will apply this payment and shipping information to all orders on your submit order page, although you can edit this information for any vendor order. Please indicate on this page if the order is being drop-shipped to a 3rd party, and indicate if the shipping address is business or residential. Once you have reviewed information on the submit order page, click the "Place Order" button at the bottom of the page to submit the order(s) and you will be taken to a printable receipt page.

WholesalePet.com provides you the option to securely store credit card information for faster checkout. All credit card storage on and transactions through WholesalePet.com are fully encrypted and completely secure.

Can I make special requests pertaining to my orders?

Absolutely! There is an "Add Special Instructions" check box which opens a text field where you can provide vendors with specific instructions pertaining to your order. Or you can always contact us after placing an order and we can help you with any special requests or instructions.

Tell me about drop-ship orders.

Many of the vendors on WholesalePet.com can drop-ship merchandise directly to your customers. You can identify these vendors by selecting the "Drop Ship" filter on the All Vendors page or selecting the "Drop Shipping" feature on any product results page. Please see the Order Terms tab for each vendor to learn more about their drop-shipping terms and fees. Please note some vendors do require prior permission before on-line retailers can list their products. When submitting drop-ship orders, there is a section on the submit order page to indicate and provide drop-shipping details to the vendor.

Vendors will blind ship drop-ship orders, so there will be no pricing from the supplier with the shipment. If you want to include one of your company invoices with your drop-ship orders, most vendors can accommodate this if you fax or email them an invoice after placing your order. WholesalePet.com can help you coordinate this process.

How are freight charges calculated?

Every vendor on WholesalePet.com has a specific freight policy. This information can be found in the order terms section for each vendor. The freight terms for each vendor are also summarized below each vendor name in your cart and on the submit order page. Some vendors offer prepaid freight, while others add shipping charges to merchandise totals. In many cases, actual freight charges cannot be determined prior to an order being placed. Vendors can provide shipping quotes prior to orders being processed upon request.

PLEASE NOTE – All shipping terms and freight promotions only apply to orders being shipped within the contiguous 48 US states, unless otherwise specified by the vendor. Most vendors on WholesalePet.com can ship internationally, but additional freight charges and customs charges may apply.

How am I billed for orders?

You will be asked to submit billing/payment information for each vendor as you complete your order(s). Your payment will be processed by the vendor upon shipment of your order. Credit cards and payment terms are subject to the terms and conditions set by each vendor. For billing information pertaining to a specific order, please contact WholesalePet.com. Each vendor should supply a hard copy of invoice with the shipment or separately.

What are the cancellation and return policies?

Please check your orders carefully before submitting. Order can be changed or canceled immediately after submission by contacting WholesalePet.com or the issuing vendor via phone, fax or email. Most vendors will gladly issue credit or send replacement merchandise for shortages, defective products or shipping damages at no charge. Merchandise returns, exchanges and credits are subject to the terms and policies of each participating supplier.

How do I check the status of an order?

Upon submitting an order, each vendor is sent an order confirmation form. Once the vendor fills out this form, the information will be emailed to you and updated on your order history page. In most cases the supplier will provide a shipment tracking number either through the confirmation form or separately.

On your Order History page you can see the status of your order whether it is Submitted, In Progress, Confirmed or Canceled. You can view the order details by clicking on the order number or you can email the vendor directly by clicking on the Vendor Name email link on your order history page. As always you can contact WholesalePet.com via email or phone 800-472-8984 for any questions on orders.