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UV-C Robot Sterilizer
UV-C Robot Sterilizer
UV-C Robot Sterilizer
UV-C Robot Sterilizer
UV-C Robot Sterilizer

UV-C Robot Sterilizer

from Purple Pebble

Destroys 99.99% of germs!

What is a UV Robot? A UV Robot is a smart machine used to sterilize mites, germs and bacteria. This robot has smart detection and smart sensors to kill...

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Introducing the newest version of the UV-Robot that sanitizes and disinfects all regularly-touched surfaces and helps prevent the spread of microbes and viruses.

The UV-Robot Sterilizer can work up to 120 minutes non-stop and clean most surfaces without falling, thanks to its multi-sensor, smart-edge, detection technology. The unit can also be used as a hanwith built-in, soft strap as a hand-held, portable device.

  • Contact-less operation on surfaces
  • Sterilization using hand-held, portable device with silicone band
  • Automated mode with smart sensor technology prevents Robot from falling off edges
  • Lightweight and portable






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Purple Pebble

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For technical minds, how does it actually work?

An ordinary UV-lamp will not kill bacteria. This robot’s UV-C light is produced by a gas discharged lamp filled with high-pressure mercury vapor in quartz tube wavelength of 254 nm. It is mainly powered by a magnetic flux leakage transformer with primary winding input of 5v and secondary winding output of over 1000v.

Is UV safe?

There are 3 types of UV. UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. UV-C light waves are usually shorter and are not harmful to the human body during normal use. Long term exposure may adversely affect the skin.

Where can the robot be used?

The robot is easy to carry and may be used on counter tops, shelves, floors and even on hanging items as a portable, handheld device.

What are the weight and dimensions of the robot?

The robot is 0.77 lbs and 6.3” x 2” H. Lightweight and easy to carry.

What is the battery capacity of the robot?

The capacity of the battery is 4800 mAh. Charging time of the device is 1.5 hours.

What is the working time of the product?

The robot can work for a duration of up to 2 hours.

Does it fall down from raised surfaces?

This robot is a smart control machine and does not fall down from raised surfaces because of its smart detection and smart sensors.

What is the reach of the UV-sterilization?

The emission of UV-C is set for 3 meters. The robot can also rotate 360 degrees so it can clean corners as well.


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UV-C Robot Sterilizer

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