In Store Display Fixture for 3 Foot Chews
In Store Display Fixture for 3 Foot Chews

In Store Display Fixture for 3 Foot Chews

from Treat Planet

Etta Says!® Crunchy Duck Chews are a unique mixture of rawhide and duck feet formed into a tasty chewable treat. The palatability of these chews ranks...

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Etta Says!® - Here you can order the display fixture by itself for your store. This display fixture is designed to hold the 3 foot chews. DISPLAY ONLY

  • VERY UNIQUE – Where do you see a 3 Foot Dog Chew made of Duck meat! They catch people’s attention immediately! It’s like driving an exotic car – people’s heads turn when they see it! Same with the Chews.
  • Unique Protein – These are made with 40% Duck! They are actually duck feet and rawhide. The duck feet and rawhide are ground to a powder so they are not choking or cause digestive problems!Cost Effective – These retail for $6.99 a stick! Compare to any other chew product! Wow they are a great bargain.
  • High Margins – At $6.99, these are over 50% margin for the retailer!
  • Attractive Display – We are offering a special for new stores. Buy 3 cases which fills up the display fixture and get the fixture for FREE!!!!! The display makes selling these easy
  • NO SHELF SPACE REQUIRED – since these do not sit on a shelf, your store does not need to remove another product to sell them. Just find an empty 1 x 1 foot spot on the floor and you’re in business. No product reduction, planograms, or hassle!
  • Delicious! – Dogs love em!! They are easy to eat, taste great, and help clean a dogs teeth!
  • Check Out This Brief And Informative Etta Says Crunchy Chews Video!








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In Store Display Fixture for 3 Foot Chews

Treat Planet

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