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Dog Rocks
Dog Rocks
Dog Rocks

Dog Rocks

from Pet Palette LLC

No Sales to 3rd Party Resellers

100% natural, Proven to help stop pet urine burning grass, plants & shrubs. No medication required and safe for all household pets.

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Dog Rocks - 100% natural, Proven to help stop pet urine burning grass, plants & shrubs. No medication required and safe for all household pets.

Dog Rocks are a naturally occurring paramagnetic igneous rock. Dog Rocks absorb and retain some of the impurities found in water, which contribute to burning lawns, grass, and box hedges; there are no known harmful effects on dogs through the use of Dog Rocks. Dog Rocks are only intended for use as stated.

Sold in:
Individual packs (200mg)
Case Packs (12 individual bags)
Dog Rocks Bulk Bag 600gm 

Mined in Australia

Not available to sell on Ebay, Amazon or similar.


All resellers are compelled to follow the Dog Rocks MAP policy. Please click here to review the policy.



$18.59 +





Sold by:

Pet Palette LLC

Information and Policies

  • Orders ship within 2-3 days!
  • UPDATE:  Due to Covid-19 No International orders or orders to Freight Forwarders will be accepted until further notice
  • $100.00 minimum order
  • If you have an order that requires special attention, please email orders@petpalette.com after you submit your order
  • No sales to 3rd Party Resellers such as Amazon, FBA Amazon, Ebay.com, Jet.com, Chewy.com etc.
  • No drop shipment program available
  • Get 20-50% off hundreds of products just marked down! 
  • If your order is $350 or more with us we will apply 5% of the cost of your invoice to your shipping costs. If your actual shipping costs are under the 5% credit amount…you get free shipping! If the cost to ship is over the 5% credit you will simply pay the difference.  For complete details, click here.
  • All purchases through Pet Palette are subject to its Resale Policy – click here for details
  • Exchanges are accepted for mis-shippments or defective merchandise only. Images are required for any defective/damaged merchandise.  Please report within 48 hours of receipt of order

Strict and enforced MAP pricing applies on Dog Rocks products.  Failure to abide by the policy, even unintentionally, will result in the termination of dealership.

Minimum Advertised Price:  The Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) shall be calculated as a 4% discount from the most current published Manufacture Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) list. For example, Dog Rocks with a MSRP of $16.99 has a MAP of $16.31 (16.99 x .96).

Authorized Online Re Sellers:  Dog Rocks USA LLC does not allow sales through distributors to accounts with an online presence. Dog Rocks USA LLC reserves the right to appoint our own online retailers. We have a vetting process and may agree that these accounts can be serviced by certain distributors if MAP is not violated.

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Pet Palette LLC

Dog Rocks

Pet Palette LLC

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