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Dear Valued Customer,  

Thank  you for your orders of Urine Off® product(s). As of October 2019, Urine Off was acquired by Cosmos Corporation and joins our portfolio of products, which includes TropiClean® Pet Products and Naturél Promise® Pet Products.  With this change, there is a new catalog of Urine Off products.

The Urine Off brand is now listed under the vendor TropiClean on Wholesalepet.com. Click here to go there.


Bio-Pro Research, LLC is a privately held company focusing primarily on bio-enzymatic stain and odor technology. Markets served include Healthcare, Eldercare, Sanitation, Hospitality, Veterinary, Pet, Dry Cleaning, Flooring, Marine/RV, Mass Retail, and Commercial Aviation. In late 2003, following more than two and a half years of research and development, Bio-Pro Research launched Urine Off® into the marketplace. Utilizing a proprietary blend of enzymes and bacteria as the basis for safe cleaning, Urine Off avoids the use of harsh chemicals that are unsafe for human beings. Urine Off is environmentally friendly and outperforms chemical cleaners in most cases. Most importantly, Urine Off eliminates offensive odors by destroying the source of the smell.

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