Puppy Bumpers

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Puppy Bumpers® stuffed safety collars were invented in 2008 to keep dogs from being able to get out of fences or through balcony rails.  Since then, Puppy Bumpers® have been endorsed by Dog Trainers, Vets and other Dog Professionals as a non-aversive way to keep dogs safely inside a fence. Puppy Bumpers® are the common sense solution to fencing problems with little dogs.  No more need for chicken wire, or to keep the pup tethered or leashed while in their own back yard!

Puppy Bumpers® manufactured in Virginia at Mount Rogers IDC., a company that employs people with special challenges in Hillsville, Atkins and Wytheville, VA.

A patent was granted for Puppy Bumpers® in 2009. Puppy Bumpers® are now available in several national catalogs including In the Company of Dogs, and Whatever Works and Pet Solutions.

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