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Welcome to WholesalePet.com! Since 2001, we have helped independent pet retailers source and buy high quality, differentiated products. WholesalePet.com only partners with the best suppliers who support independents, presenting complete wholesale catalogs, prices and order terms for over 500 brands. Available exclusively to businesses, our site allows you to place orders directly with vendors, saving you time and effort. Best of all the prices are the same as buying direct and we offer wonderful customer service!

Chris Avery


Owner of a Golden Retriever (Harvey) with a never-met-a-stranger personality, Chris is focused on driving sales and solutions for WholesalePet.com suppliers, retailers and partners. Having joined the pack in 2015 after a decade leading teams at Lowe’s, he also seeks out new partnerships and growth initiatives, Contact him here to discuss opportunities. Whenever possible he likes to spend time outdoors with his son, daughter, wife and Harvey.

Bo Nelson

Bo Nelson


Bo is a domesticated outdoorsman and the proud parent of 3 adorable kids and 1 loveable mutt, Bailey. Always an animal lover and entrepreneur, Bo has enjoyed creating businesses in the pet industry for 25 years, the last 17 with WholesalePet.com. He is dedicated to helping small business owners become more successful. With a penchant for small businesses and a passion for customer service, Bo loves to talk with anyone in the pet industry. Feel free to get in touch with him about Wholesalepet.com, or he'll be happy to give advice or assistance to help your growing business.

Elizabth Stevens

Elizabeth Stevens

Alpha Mutt

Elizabeth is a dog person. With a loyal, loving and fun personality, she is much like her big goofy mutt, Oona. And like most dogs, Elizabeth loves talking long walks, splashing in water, playing with her family, and occasionally napping on the porch. At WholesalePet.com, Elizabeth's role is that of a mutt - a little bit of everything - communications, customer service, sales and marketing. Elizabeth enjoys working with retailers and vendors to improve all aspects of their business. Please contact Elizabeth to see what she can do for you.

Grant Loomis

Grant Loomis

Product Bloodhound

As the former owner of a pet boutique, Grant loves discovering exciting new lines of pet products and introducing them to the retailers on WholesalePet.com. He is good at spotting great products, but always runs them by our pack of testers. When he's not working hard to keep WholesalePet.com updated with fresh new products, Grant enjoys getting outside with his dog on adventure walks, home improvement projects and fixing up classic cars. If you know of products or brands you would like to see on WholesalePet.com, email Grant and he will put his testers to work!

Julie Simmons

Julie Simmons

Service Dog Extraordinaire

Julie has always been an avid fan of two things, dogs and Chicago Cubs baseball. She is the proud owner of two dogs: Wrigley, a Border Collie mix, and Ruby, a Bassador. She has always had a life-long passion for rescuing dogs and often tells people that her dream property would be a massive farm where she could provide a loving home to countless rescue dogs. In addition to her passion for animals and baseball, Julie loves to help people. Her warm and inviting personality shines through to everyone that she meets, whether on the phone on in-person. Julie's mission is to provide WholesalePet.com customers with the best customer service experience possible. If you ever have a question or need help with a vendor or an order, please don’t hesitate to contact Julie.

Kim Kennedy

Kim Kennedy

Sales & Community Cat

Kim Kennedy, Crazy for Cats and Community, is Community focused. She leads sales and any connection opportunities with independent pet retailers at wholesalepet.com. While she only shares her home with cats, she loves all animals to include her extended family of alpacas whom she cares for as a volunteer. Kim loves spending time outdoors, connecting with people, petting any dog that passes her by, enjoying food, music and health & wellness. She is also a devoted animal advocate serving as Vice President on the board for AnimalCity, a nonprofit dedicated to helping orphaned pets.

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