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Beef Frites
Beef Frites

Beef Frites

from Preen Pets USA

All-natural Beef Frites are 100% beef (with NO fillers) bursting with rich flavor and aroma and made without use of preservatives and additives. Grab a...

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All-natural Beef Frites are 100% beef (with NO fillers) bursting with rich flavor and aroma and made without use of preservatives and additives. Grab a beefy treat that can enliven your dog’s training while keeping its body toned up.

  • 3”-6” 100% Beef Meat (wheat free)
  • French Fries Cut
  • 4 Lbs of the Finest Fresh Beef processed to 1 Lb
  • Slowly Dehydrated
  • Perfect size for Small to Large Dogs
  • Excellent training treat
  • All-natural, Preservative-free, Additive-free
  • High in Protein and Low in Fat
  • Human Grade Ingredients
  • *** Irradiation Free ***
  • Made in U.S.A.

From four pounds of fresh raw beef comes a pound of Beef Frites in thin cuts of three to six inches long. Our favorite French fries snack is now up for grabs as dog treats, but even tastier and more nutritious than the potato delight.

Slowly dehydrated to extract the beef juices while locking all the beef flavor and nutrients, Beef Frites U.S.A. are filled with full beefy aroma and taste. Just one sniff can prod your dog into an everyday best performance, well-disciplined behavior, and enhanced bonding.

Aside from the authentic aroma and flavor are the wholesome nutrients and high protein content, sealed within to nourish your dog’s body, improve its frame, and give it the energy for an extra round of tricks or exercise.

A daily treat of Beef Frites can boost your dog’s immune system while strengthening bones and muscles.

Beef Frites U.S.A. are guaranteed a nutritious treat for dogs, but can also be used as a training incentive. Just break into smaller pieces and your dog will receive a delicious reward for a job well done!

Unlike other treats, Beef Frites are preserved naturally without use of additives and preservatives. The strict compliance to FDA and USDA requirements makes the beef goody a tasty snack, and treat for dogs of all sizes.



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Preen Pets USA

Beef Frites

Preen Pets USA

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