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The Coop

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The Coop, formerly known as A Crowded Coop, is a company made up of passionate, professional and playful pet owners and pop-culture fanatics. We love blending those two worlds to create unique licensed products that allow pet owners to extend their love of iconic TV shows, movies and brands to their dogs and cats.


Formed in 2010, this women-owned business started out determined to work with people who are like-minded and to make products that we are proud of. Those original philosophies continue to guide our decisions and drive our business.


And we’ve always had an office dog on staff! Before Hunter passed on last fall (at the age of 17 years!), he was our director of human resources; he was quite possibly the sweetest Golden Retriever ever (is that redundant?!) and we miss him. But now we have Mr. T as our head of security: he’s a Mastiff mix and although he’s still puppy, he tips the scales at over 100 pounds and is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

The Coop: Fresh Goods for Geeks and Their Pets

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