Camp Bainbridge

Camp Bainbridge

  • $150 Opening Order Minimum Required
  • $125 Reorder Minimum
  • All of our products are manufactured in the US
  • Orders ship within 5 business days via USPS or FedEx Ground
  • We accept Visa, MC, AmEx, Discover
  • Camp Bainbridge allows the sale of our products on our authorized reseller’s website only as well as the social media pages of our those authorized retailer's. Retailers must adhere to our MAP Policy pricing on their own website as well as on any social media sites. Selling on any other third party internet retailer (such as Amazon, eBay etc.) or on any other internet retailer platform or auction website is prohibited and will be considered a violation of our MAP policy.

Unfortunately, Camp Bainbridge has closed their doors and their charming collection is no longer available.

We believe in community!

We live on a small island in the Pacific Northwest. Our downtown is a vibrant and wonderful place for locals and tourists to shop for unique merchandise -- treasures that you can't find on-line or at big box stores.  These days it’s harder and harder to find those special places with distinctive products.  That's why we're committed to making sure that when our wholesale customers carry Camp Bainbridge products, their customers will be delighted to find something special -- something they haven't seen before, something that uniquely expresses your community and your store.

It takes a village and we are happy to be part of yours!

-Thanks for supporting a small, American made business.

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