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Klean Paws
Klean Paws

Klean Paws

from King Kanine

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Patented non-toxic foaming paw cleaner

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KLEAN PAWS is our all new patented non-toxic foaming paw cleaner formulated to kill 99.99% of all bacteria and germs that our dogs carry around on a daily basis.
Softens paws as it kills ring worm & round worm (post larval state) and can prevent the passing of these potentially harmful bacteria to you, your family and other pets.







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King Kanine

Information and Policies

  • Usually ships within 2-3 business days
  • Minimum order requirement is $150
  • King Kanine products not to be sold on Amazon, Ebay or other sites that are not owned by the entity
  • Orders ship from FL, actual freight charges added
  • Accepts Visa, MasterCard, Disc and AMEX
  • International orders accepted
  • Online retailers contact King Kanine for approval

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Klean Paws

King Kanine

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