Colgn 4" Ring - Pouch
Colgn 4" Ring - Pouch

Colgn 4" Ring - Pouch

from QT Dog, LLC

All Natural Water Buffalo Collagen Rings! Made from the cheek skin of the Water Buffalo!

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Colgn chews are made from the collagen rich lowest layer of Water Buffalo Cheek skin. Water Buffalo Cheek is recognized as a superior alternative to cow rawhide. It dries super hard and does not absorb moisture during the chewing process. This means it does not get soft. Dogs cannot chew off a hunk of it, avoiding potential intestinal blockage issues. We have traditional sticks in both 6” and 12”. These are a similar diameter to a premium Bully Stick, less expensive, and much longer lasting. We also have a pressed bone and a ring for those really aggressive chewers, also very affordable. Colgn chews are available pouched or with a band.



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Colgn 4" Ring - Pouch


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