Natural Cravings Pet Treats & Barking Buddha Pet Products

Natural Cravings Pet Treats & Barking Buddha Pet Products

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Natural Cravings Pet Treats & Barking Buddha Pet Products are ONLY for Independent Pet Stores.

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Natural Cravings Pet Treats was born from the philosophy that pets are humans too. Dog and Cat lovers alike believe that their pet is an integral part of their family and in essence their children.

We are different, from the time of its inception Natural Cravings wanted to create products that were not easy to find but were a natural calling to the taste buds of the pets we love so much. Our products are all created in a USDA Premium American facility. Our products promote natural healing and health maintenance for your pet. We've spent the time to investigate our products so that you don’t have to.

We are committed to you giving you high-quality products that keep your pets happy, healthy and asking for more. We hope that your pets enjoy our products as much as ours do.