Vee Enterprises

Vee Enterprises

  • Orders Ship Within 4-5 weeks.
  • Minimum Order is $125.
  • Vee Enterprises is not accepting new online accounts.
  • Small order fee of $5 for orders under $125.
  • FOB via FedEx from CA.
  • Accepts VISA, MC, Discover, AMEX & COD.


Vee Enterprises has been manufacturing and selling specialty PET toys and accessories to independent retailers since 1988. The company was founded by Lorie and Steve Viner along with the help of Max Viner, the company "Spokescat".

It was Max who inspired Lorie to create the first of this fine line of pet toys When Max went wild over a weeping willow branch, the first "PURRfect Cat Toy"™ was born. Over the years, Max worked as the "Official Toy Tester" to help expand the award-winning product line to what it is today.

We pride ourselves in our special attention to detail and rigorous quality control. Many of our patented toys have won First Place Awards by Cat Fancy Magazine, among others, and featured in numerous articles in the trade press. Our toys have been shown on such television shows as National Geographic's "Cats" and "Cats and Dogs" on TBS. Due to their patented, sturdy construction, our unique Dog toys are even used by animal trainers in the cages with tigers, lions, snow leopards and cougars.

Our products are used and recommended by veterinarians and animal trainers throughout the US and enjoyed by animals all over the world.


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