Luxepets LLC

Luxepets LLC

  • Orders Ship Within 3-5 Days.
  • Minimum Opening Order $100. Re-order Minimum $60.
  • Will drop-ship for $2.99 (except pet memorial candles)
  • FOB via UPS from CA.
  • Accepts VISA, MC, & AMEX.
  • No eBay Sales.
  • Internet Only Stores Must be Approved by Luxepets.
  • Free shipping on orders over $500.
  • 20% Restocking Fee on all returns
  • Returns/exchanges must be made within 1 week after receipt 

Made in the USA vegan dog and cat collars for small breeds, very very soft and luscious & at an economical price point. St. Francis and other inspirational pet tags.

About us

Once upon a time there was a girl who desperately wanted a dog. She craved a furry companion to hike the hills of Los Angeles and play in the tides of the ocean. Sophie hailed from a shelter on the "wrong side" of the tracks, but the girl didn't care. With a heart of candid canine, Sophie became like family. The girl loved the dog for many years. They laughed and cried together and even watched old movies together.

When it was Sophie's time to go, the girl was the saddest she'd ever been. In honor of her passing, the girl created a final remembrance of her Sophie that showed just how much she cared. Thanks to Sophie, Luxepets was born.