• Orders usually ship within 24 hours.
  • Initial Order Minimum of $100.  No Re-Order Minimum.
  • Drop-ship for $4 fee + shipping (large orders may have larger fee)
  • In the case of back-order, you never pay shipping for it!
  • Economical shipping FOB via USPS or UPS from CO (low international shipping rates too!)
  • Accepts MC, VISA, PayPal (via PayPal invoice) & Prepay by check.
  • Walk-e-Woo is 100% QUALITY GUARANTEED.
  • ABACA-DABRA branded rope toys made in the Philippines and not guaranteed if chewed.

More than a decade ago, I founded Walk-e-Woo to create a refreshing look for pet collars and leads. I was an ex-marketing executive, stay-at-home mom looking for an outlet to express my passion for animals.


Our products are printed in Colorado with strict attention to quality and style. We combine the best hardware and materials we can find with stand-out fabrics and designs.

We keep an eye on the latest trends and market test each style before ever offering it to our retailers. In fact, our "boutique size" enables us to quickly react to current consumer tastes and demands.

We are fortunate to have already cultivated numerous relationships with select retailers who continue to reorder on a frequent basis. Feel free to ask us for references. Our retailers have great things to say about us.

Our philosophy: Careful growth with limited distribution to ensure satisfied retailers. Everybody (including me!) hates a company that's all talk and no action. We'll never over-promise.

We invite you to give our products a try and find out firsthand why animal lovers can’t resist a Walk-e-Woo.

Founder, WalkeWoo Ltd.