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With years of experience and expertise in the pet fashion industry, Pinkaholic® New York was launched in 2006 and have then since developed the newest and cuteset products for female pups. “Pinkaholic” is a term used to describe an addiction and’or attraction to pink. As the name suggests, Pink is the primary color of our concept. Supporting colors include: blue, purple, white, brown and lime.

First of all, PUPPIA® is an abbreviation of "PUPPY & UTOPIA". Puppia® is a global pet fashion design group for dogs, based in South Korea. With know-how accumulated in the fashion world for many years and sense of designs, our products are highly accepted around the world. Our products are qualified by their designs and high level quality with our object of making the best brand of pet clothing all around the world. In order to diversify our existing markets, we are always interested in supplying our valuable products to all of you on good and long terms. Since we know about pets, and fashion as well, Puppia® will be the proper company for dogs and for the people, who love dogs.


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