DGS and DOOG from UTM Distributing  (DGS Pet)

DGS and DOOG from UTM Distributing (DGS Pet)

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  • Free Shipping on orders $400.00 or more, in the contiguous USA only!
  • $50.00 initial order minimum requirement, No reorder minimum.
  • Accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card & American Express.
  • Your card will be charged for the order before it is shipped out. 
  • We can NOT except Any International Shipments. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • All orders shipped via UPS or FedEx Ground.
  • **We Must have your Resale Certificate before we can ship to you. -Thank you for understanding.**

Defective, damaged or incorrect shipments only. We will swap our SKU's for other replacement SKU's if requested, if product is available. The products however must be returned to us in sell-able condition, or the return can not be done. Please call before returning any product.

MAP Pricing: We operate on a strict Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy. If we find a dealer advertising for less, we will stop supplying them with our products. Our MAP policy is:

  • No more than 15% less than our suggested MSRP on the Dirty Dog Doormat line.
  • No less than our suggested MSRP on all other DGS product lines.

In an effort to police the web, we welcome and encourage you to report any violators to DGS via email curtis@utmdistributing.com.

Return/Refund Policy: We cannot do a return or refund on products that you have purchased through us but you can "Not Sell". Once you purchase the products you assume the "Risks of Selling" said items, whether it be in a store or on a selling platform. If the product is damaged once you receive it, then we can do a return/refund and send you replacements, once proven it was damaged upon receipt of shipment. 

Nano Pet Products is a global marketer and manufacturer of proprietary and innovative canine, feline, and equine products. We are excited to continue to bring Dog Gone Smart Technology™ to pet products in order to solve all kinds of consumer problems and we do it in a way that doesn't diminish the natural beauty and feel of our fabrics.

UTM isa now the distributor for DOOG and DGS: Dog Gone Smart Pet Products

Dog Gone Smart Pet Products: From our introduction of Repelz-It™ NanoTechnology to our cutting edge bacteriostatic, to our Moisture Management Wicking Finishes, we continue to introduce SMART technology into the pet market. Our products are non-toxic, pet- and people–safe, and environmentally friendly. We have a variety of products, such as Doormats, Runners, Grooming Mitts, Shammy Towels, Pet Beds, Crate Pads, Dog Collars and Leashes and Bandana's.

DOOG: We’re passionate about helping dog owners make the most out of every adventure with their furry friends. We design stylish and functional products to make walks more enjoyable for both you and your pup. Our mission is to enrich life together by creating innovative, smart pet products that make walking, travelling & adventuring with our canine companions easier and safer so that everyone can enjoy a lifetime of happiness.