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Natural Dog Company

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  • We offer 100% money back guarantee on all our products within 90 days of purchase.
  • Our products are all made in the USA, organic, vegan and all natural.

All of Natural Dog Company's products are created with the health of your furry friend in mind. We believe that the only ingredients that touch your pet’s coat and skin should be organic, natural, non-toxic, and as gentle as possible.

From the beginning, the founder sought to create products with nothing but the highest quality organic and all natural ingredients. Here at Natural Dog Company, we take pride in only utilizing ingredients that serve a specific healing purpose, and we stand in an unyielding position that no artificial ingredients, coloring, or chemicals will ever be used in our products.

Our team shares a common passion of delivering only the highest quality natural dog products and service. We are here to educate the dog lovers of the world on the wonders of holistic healing, and to make the tails of the world wag.

Our product categories:

Nose balms for your dog's dry nose

Skin balms for your dog's dry and irritated skin

Paw balms for your dog's cracked paws

All-natural dog supplements

All-natural dog shampoo