Ultrahund Inc.

Ultrahund Inc.

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Ultrahund is No Longer Available on WholesalePet.com

Strong, Durable and Waterproof


Revolutionary – As a supplier of canine gear, you know that today’s nylon-made products quickly deteriorate and start to smell, fray, and fade way before their time. This leads to the wasteful and often costly replacement of dirty, bacteria-ridden dog wear. Why not make life easier for your customers by providing Ultrahund’s smarter, more fashionable line of waterproof collars, leads and harnesses?


Strong and durable – Ultrahund’s performance dog gear is made from genuine polymer-coated webbing, which despite its softness is incredibly strong, durable and waterproof. Just wash with a mild detergent and it will remain hygienic and odor-free for years through the rigors of canine life.


An Opportunity – By offering elite dog products not found anywhere else in the marketplace, Ultrahund provides canine industry suppliers with a unique, leading opportunity to better satisfy their customers. Ultrahund wants to help you deliver these products to people and their dogs, thus increasing their quality of life while driving profits and growth for your company.

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