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Canine Cravers

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Canine Cravers Dog Treats are the healthiest choice for your dog or cat. Our nutrient-rich dog treats and snacks aren’t just made with the best ingredients they’re made with one simple ingredient that dogs and dog parents love.

All of our fish and meats are cooked using our special air drying technique that preserves freshness, flavor and nutrition. Our dog food is free from soy, gluten and grain. With a healthy diet that is rich in protein and beneficial your dog can live a long life. They’re great for obedience training and can be mixed in with your pet’s regular food to add variety and flavor. Your dog is going to love it!


100% Natural
Human Grade (Not For Human Consumption)
Great Taste
Only One Ingredient
No Hidden Ingredients
Great Source of Protein
Veterinarian Approved
Grown and Harvested in Canada and the U.S.
Ideal for Dogs with Specific Protein Allergies
Air Dried
No Carbohydrates and No Sugar
Resalable Stand Up Pouch For Storing
Ideal Treat Size for Dogs of All Sizes, Life Stages and Weight Maintenance
Perfect for Weight Management
Great for Training
Treats Can Be Mixed in Kibble to Add Variety to Meal Time


Premium Beef Fillets – 5.3 oz.
Farm Fresh Chicken – 5.3 oz.
Crispy Cod Skins – 4 oz.
Tender Pork Thins – 5.3 oz.


Our unique air-drying technique locks in delicious flavor and allows meats to stay wholesome and healthy. Conventional baking or dehydration strips away nutrients from the meat and leaves it looking unappetizing and dried out. With a combination of cooling and heating power, our air drying method removes water from the meat at low temperatures. This way water is reduced at the meat stays fresh, nutrient-rich and natural looking. The meat maintains its natural flavor and texture that dogs and pet parents love.