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JoJo Modern Pets

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With over 4,000 independent pet retailers, gift shops, dog bakeries, and regional pet chains under our belt, JoJo Modern Pets is dedicated to helping businesses boost their sales-per-square-foot by offering high-margin products and fast shipping times.

Founded over a decade ago, JoJo Modern Pets was established on the belief that pet owners seek products that reflect their lifestyle and values. Our toys and accessories are designed in-house, ethically sourced from production facilities worldwide, and warehoused domestically in Aurora, IL. Our product lines cater to diverse customer values, including diversity and representation, eco-friendliness, veganism, dog health, and in-home lifestyle products.

We utilize innovative techniques and materials such as laser-cut metal, thermo-printed fabrics, water-wrap printing, non-toxic dyes, natural rubber, TPR, handmade artisan toys, vegan leathers, recycled plastics, jute rope, and bamboo.

Our extensive treat selection features all-natural, USA-made whole-animal products and vegan treats to meet emerging market demands.

Every purchase is a vote for what you value. Choose JoJo Modern Pets for quality products that align with your principles.