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Kala Health / PeakTails™

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Kala Health, located in Connecticut, was founded in 1997 by Ronald Breteler, Ph.D. and Paul Klein Breteler, who practices naturopathic medicine. 

Their combined passion for animals and commitment to research led to the development of unique nutritional supplements for pets sourced with the world’s best raw ingredients.

In 2007, Dr. Breteler partnered with Dr. James St. Clair, a veterinarian passionate about improving dogs’ quality of life.  Together, they strengthened Kala Health’s impact on animal health wellness by developing a premium range of supplements that exceed the expectations of pet parents and veterinarians.

Kala Health supplements are supported by science-backed clinical studies and have been trusted by veterinarians for over 24 years.  They are now available in the same veterinarian strength at the right dose to all independent pet retailers as the PeakTails brand.