Bonne et Filou

Bonne et Filou

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Bonne et Filou is the first French-inspired brand for pets in the world. Our flagship products are unique innovative French dog macarons (dog treats), all-natural and handmade from the highest quality and human-grade ingredients in the USA. We also carry a line of multivitamin dog chews (Cheese / Brie flavor) as well as a complete line of CBD drops (flavors: Filet Mignon, Lavender, Vanilla, Natural) and dog accessories.

Not only are our dog macarons so tasty that they could be eaten by humans, but the packaging is also so high-end and unique that it brings the humanization of our pooches to a level.

Bonne et Filou is the answer to pet industry premiumization needs and the lack of French players in the industry.

Marie Claire magazine ranked us as #1 dog product & gift and Cosmopolitan, Vogue, People, among others, recommended our products. Bonne et Filou won the Award for the most unique & innovative product in the "Dog Treats" category by Pet Business as well as "Luxury Lifestyle" brand by WPA at Superzoo 2021.