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PetRageous® Designs!

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Dear Valued Customer,

The very serious and heartbreaking situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) in China is going to heavily disrupt the supply chain. We are in constant communication with our factories and overseas agents to understand the current status of factory openings, availability of the workforce, trucking and shipping. All these areas have been affected.

We have factories that understandably, have yet to be approved to open back up by the Chinese government. We also have factories that have been permitted to open but are struggling to get organized to begin operations due to lack of workers. Additionally, these factories have a major issue with lack of factory workers. A large part of the work force has been restricted from traveling back after Chinese New Year resulting in open factories without the manpower needed to operate. Lastly, roughly only 10% of the trucking operators are back to work. Needless to say, this is causing a great deal of congestion.

These circumstances are widely known creating a run on domestic inventory. As concerns and uncertainty over the flow of foreign supply continues to grow the demand on domestic inventory will continue to grow as well. We are advising our loyal customers to look a little further out on your inventory needs than you would routinely do.

We are doing everything we can to avoid any disruptions but do expect inventory interruptions and apologize in advance for inconveniences caused by these uncontrollable factors. We appreciate your patience during this time. We will continue to update as we receive more information.

PetRageous Designs

Gretchen George is the driving force behind PetRageous® Designs. She is inspired by her love of animals, their amazing spirit and the joy they bring to their owners. Her passion is to deliver fun, whimsical and functional designs that capture the bond between a pet and its owner. Gretchen loves dogs and cats to feel like they "fit" into their home with her designs. Her designs are simple, friendly and practical - loved by all! Gretchen's wish is that her pet designs will add a touch of fun and humor and beauty to your pet's life and inspire your pet to smile!