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Pawbreakers Bonkas All Natural Catnip Ball for Cats
Pawbreakers Bonkas All Natural Catnip Ball for Cats
Pawbreakers Bonkas All Natural Catnip Ball for Cats

Pawbreakers Bonkas All Natural Catnip Ball for Cats

from OnPaw Distribution (Formerly CSM West)

Pawbreakers All Natural Catnip Ball Treats for Cats

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Pawbreakers are 100% Natural, 100% Edible, 100% Made in the U.S.A and veterinary approved!

Pawbreakers uniquely squeeze and lock an enormous ½ ounce of FRESH aromatic catnip into a delicious 1.25-inch ball using the wonderful properties of beeswax, which has been used naturally for centuries! Every time your kitty chews or scratches on their Pawbreaker, they release the fresh grown aroma
sealed deep in every delicious bite; almost as fresh as the day it was made. While Pawbreakers may seem hard they are in fact soft and easily chewable, easily digestible and safe on your kitty’s teeth. Pawbreakers were specifically designed and tested (size, shape and weight) to entice your cat’s instincts and outlast
even the most crazed catnip hunter for days to weeks of exciting and healthy play, exercise and fun. Get your cat the ORIGINAL multi-award winning catnip toy and treat and the purrrfect combination for a healthy, happy cat, watch your cat go Bonkas™. Please indulge your cats every 2-4 weeks for maximum benefit and enjoyment! We highly recommend one Pawbreakers® Bonkas™ per cat.Your kitty will go CRAZY for Pawbreakers!


  • Fresh, USA Grown All-Natural Catnip, rolled up into an edible ball. It's a toy, and a treat all in one.
  • This product is Made In America.
  • Compare this to the cost of 3.5 ounces of USA Catnip!! The 'Cleanest and Freshest' alternative to catnip.

1.25" Bonkas Specifications
Net Weight: 17 grams per ball
Diameter: 1.25 inches

2.25" Bonkas Specifications
Net Weight: 95 grams (3.3 oz) per ball
Diameter: 2.25 inches

Pawbreakers® contains NO soy, gluten, wheat, animal products or coloring and are hypoallergenic.







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Made in the USA

OnPaw Distribution (Formerly CSM West)

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E.A.T.s - Edible Animal Treats, Inc. of Erie, MI started August of 2003. It began selling in February of 2004, after about a year of setup, research and testing. Thanks to all our customers and their happy cats, E.A.T.s has now expanded from a home based business to happily creating treat/toy combinations for animals around the globe. E.A.T.s is dedicated to providing our pets with top quality, healthy, safe and fun products! All raw materials are chosen to best benefit the health and enjoyment of our pets, and are sourced exclusively from North America! E.A.T.s strongly believes in supporting the American worker and economy, and thus all of our products and materials come from and are made in North America.

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OnPaw Distribution (Formerly CSM West)

Pawbreakers Bonkas All Natural Catnip Ball for Cats

OnPaw Distribution (Formerly CSM West)

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