Ruffian Bottle Bird - Ostrich
Ruffian Bottle Bird - Ostrich

Ruffian Bottle Bird - Ostrich

from SteelDog LLC

Large Plush w/ Bottle Body & Crinkle + Steel Shield Technology!

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This soft-textured toy, comes with crinkle, and first-of-its-kind  removeable BOTTLE squeaker inside. The squeaker is in the cap, so if you don't want the squeaking, remove the cap. Need a new bottle, keep the cap.  It's interchangeable! On top of that, this Bottle Bird comes equipped with a STEEL SHIELD. The shield provides an extremely durable lining so your dog really has to work to sink their teeth into this one! 



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SteelDog LLC

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Ruffian Bottle Bird - Ostrich

SteelDog LLC

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