Next Level Premier Fish Oil
Next Level Premier Fish Oil

Next Level Premier Fish Oil

from Iceland Pure

The Perfect blend of Anti-Anxiety (1,00mg of CBD) Anti-cancer (250ml shark liver oil) and all of the Benefits of Omega 3 (250ml Sardine anchovy oil). Developed...

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Why create Next Level Fish Oil?
 Simply because most pets are not taking the correct ratio of Omega 3s, Squalene, Alkylglycerols and CBDs (Cannabinoids). Many people are aware of Omega 3 fatty acids benefits. However, they are not aware of the proven benefits of Shark Liver Oil as a cancer fighting oil and immune booster (among many other healing properties).  Additionally, people are just starting to learn the vast healing capabilities of CBDs. After consulting with several vets we came to the conclusion that creating this oil would be extremely beneficial for all pets.
Next Level Premier Fish Oil contains:
250ml (8.75oz) Sardine Anchovy Oil
250ml (8.75oz) Shark Liver Oil  
1,000mg US Grown CBD isolate

Also, let’s not forget that plastics can contaminate oils, as is evidenced by plastic bottles of oil you see which are caving in on themselves.
We at Iceland Pure are concerned about your Pet’s Health, so we have housed all of our products in Brushed Aluminum bottles with a micro-thin BPA-free epoxy coating. This not only prevents cross
contamination / leaching with the container, but also prevents light degradation that may occur in white or clear
Lastly, our oils DO NOT contain ROSEMARY as a preservative. Studies have shown that rosemary extract can cause neurological problems, seizures and anemia



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Next Level Premier Fish Oil

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