Two Sided Display without Product
Two Sided Display without Product

Two Sided Display without Product

from West Paw

Built to showcase a colorful assortment of Zogoflex, Zogoflex Air & Zogoflex Echo toys, this display is on wheels so it's easy to maneuver.

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Maximize sales with our branded display!

Built to showcase a colorful assortment of Zogoflex®, Zogoflex Air® and Zogoflex Echo™ collections, this display on wheels is high quality, eye catching and informative.

Features and Benefits:

  • Small footprint
  • Wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Easy to put together
  • Magnetic strip signs for clear product benefits


The display does not come with product. To fully stock the display purchase the Zogoflex stock pack. The stock pack includes:

  • 3 SM Qwizl - (1)TNG, (1)GRN, (1)AQA
  • 3 LG Qwizl - (1)TNG, (1)GRN, (1)AQA
  • 4 SM Boz - (2)CUR, (1)DDL, (1)PCK
  • 4 LG Boz - (2)CUR, (1)DDL, (1)PCK
  • 4 Dash - (1)CUR, (2)DDL, (1)PCK
  • 4 Wox - (1)CUR, (1)DDL, (2)PCK
  • 8 SM Rando - (2)JGR, (3)MEL, (3)EGG
  • 4 LG Rando - (1)JGR, (2)MEL, (1)EGG
  • 3 SM Hurley - (1)TNG, (1)GRN, (1)AQA
  • 3 LG Hurley - (1)TNG, (1)GRN, (1)AQA
  • 3 SM Zisc - (1)TNG, (1)GRN, (1)AQA
  • 3 LG Zisc - (1)TNG, (1)GRN, (1)AQA
  • 3 LG Tux - (1)TNG, (1)GRN, (1)AQA
  • 3 SM Tux - (1)TNG, (1)GRN, (1)AQA
  • 3 SM Būmi - (1)TNG, (1)GRN, (1)AQA
  • 3 LG Būmi - (1)TNG, (1)GRN, (1)AQA
  • 3 LG Tizzi - (1)TNG, (1)GRN, (1)AQA
  • 3 SM Jive - (1)TNG, (1)GRN, (1)AQA
  • 3 LG Jive - (1)TNG, (1)GRN, (1)AQA
  • 6 LG Zwig - (2)JGR, (2)MEL, (2)EGG
  • 3 SM Toppl - (1)TNG, (1)GRN, (1)AQA
  • 3 LG Toppl - (1)TNG, (1)GRN, (1)AQA
  • 4 LG Skamp - (1)JGR, (2)MEL, (1)EGG









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Made in the USA

West Paw

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We take great pride in the quality of our American-made products and we want you and your pet to be happy with your purchase at West Paw. If anything seems amiss please contact us at 1-800-443-5567 or and one of our friendly Customer Service team members will be happy to help. We are proud to offer our Love It Guarantee on all of our products.

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West Paw

Two Sided Display without Product

West Paw

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