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I am a dog lover and a proud owner of a Beagle and a Terrier. Like a lot of people, I kept forgetting to tie a bag to my leash when we went out for walks. It was always a balancing act trying to hold onto all my items simultaneously. I would have two leashes, my purse, and my keys in tow. That's when I became fed up and decided to design a dispenser to accommodate these items.

Once I came up with the concept, I looked to my dad, Peter, for assistance. He is a local business owner with the capability to produce a prototype. After many trials and errors, we developed a product that met all the needs of a loving pet owner.

FiveStarPet dispensers are made of nylon for durability, attaches to any leash, and dispenses scented pet waste bags. Never again will I have to carry all my items separately. I can easily attach the dispenser to any leash and put my keys, money, and dog treats inside.

After the dispenser was designed, the next step was to create pet waste bags that are environmentally friendly and comprised of the finest materials. The result is our line of rolled bags that are coreless (minimizing wasted material), scented, perforated and textured for easy opening. Not only are the bags pleasantly scented and opaque (so contents are discreet), the dispensers are appealing to all pet owners.

I hope you enjoy using FiveStarPet dispensers and refill bags as much my friends and family do!