KOHA Minimal Ingredient Pet Food

KOHA Minimal Ingredient Pet Food

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We created KOHA Super Premium Dog and Cat food on the principal that clean food and great nutrition is an essential part of promoting a healthy & happy life.


The word “Koha” in New Zealand primarily means a “gift of food”.


Give your pet the gift of KOHA!


Clean Food For Your Pet
KOHA‘s Super Premium canned Dog and Cat Food offers a clean single sourced protein formula for a complete nutritional meal. We use only New Zealand sourced meat with the added beneficial ingredients of New Zealand Green Mussel for joint support and Pumpkin for digestive support. In KOHA’s canned dog food we’ve added Fish Oil for healthy skin & coat and in KOHA’s canned cat food we’ve added Cranberries to help maintain a healthy urinary tract.


Other KOHA benefits include:

Single Sourced Animal Proteins from New Zealand
Exotic proteins Excellent for pets with severe allergies
Limited Ingredients/ No Fillers
High Protein/Low in Carbs & No Starch
NO Carrageenan
NO grain or potato
Natural Fruit & Veggie Fibers
Low Ash Content
A Complete & Balanced Meal