Fantastic Dog Chews

Fantastic Dog Chews

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Fantastic Dog Chews is a family owned company based in Omaha, Nebraska. All dogs love to chew! Our mission is to provide a healthy and natural way for dogs to engage in natural behaviors such as chewing.

The majority of our treats and chews are sourced from free range, grassfed cattle out of Brazil, though we work with a select group of suppliers from the USA, Germany, Turkey, and Colombia. We regularly travel to our supplier’s warehouses and factories to ensure that they meet our strict standards for health and safety.

All our treats are free from preservatives, fillers, additives, and artificial flavors.

The majority of the chews in our catalog are made by freezing the raw material immediately upon collection from the slaughterhouse. The raw material is then allowed to thaw and is washed vigorously in a hot water rinse - this removes bodily fluids such as blood and urine which tends to be a potent source of odor in many other chews on the market. Once the raw material is thoroughly washed, it is then either hung vertically or laid out on racks to slowly bake.

The final product has such a low moisture content that mold and bacteria are unlikely to grow. The shelf life of the majority of our chews tends to be around two years after it’s made.


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