Milltown Brand

Milltown Brand

  • Minimum Opening Order Requirement is $200
  • Reorder Requirement is $100
  • Orders ship within 3-5 days from Brooklyn, NY
  • Actual freight charges are added to orders
  • Accepts Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover
  • Milltown Brand products cannot be sold through Amazon or other 3rd party websites
  • Milltown Brand bills credit cards as M.N.Davis & Son LLC

Milltown Brand products are not currently available through

Milltown is a small, woman-owned company based in Brooklyn, NY that produces unique products for dogs and humans.

Our product development has always been driven by our search for high quality items for our own dog and personal life, and trying to make products that we can’t find anywhere else.

We believe not only is design important, but also the quality and uniqueness of the materials. All of our products are designed to last for many many years, and we think that they age beautifully!

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